Concrete is an artificial stone-like material, used as construction material. Concrete is composed of the cement binder and one or more additional materials such as gravel, crushed rock or sand. Cement has the property that by adding water hardens. 

A good concrete is a mixture in which the grain sizes of the different types of gravel and sand, in the right proportions, complement each other so that the mixture cures to a durable and stony. In contrast to gypsum dissolves hardened concrete no longer in water. 

The relatively low price of concrete, the relative inertia, the simplicity of using concrete and by the many concrete is a widely used building material. 

Previously ordered based on concrete composition, now there is the possibility of concrete to order based on its performance, required by its' specified properties. The BENOR on ready-mixed concrete is therefore the compliance of ready-mixed concrete as delivered on site with the requested specified characteristics. 

All concrete and stabilized sand, both picked and delivered. Concrete that must be delivered, performed by our own transport service. Our mixer drivers have followed a specific training on safety and quality. To provide concrete, we can provide a concrete pump up to 46 meters. So we can often pay in hard to reach places. 

Building Materials Vinckier allows for the production of its poured concrete materials or any use of regenerative breaking sands. Because of this we provide you with guaranteed quality!