Tiles are chosen in function of the space they will be placed in. Every space requires another demand about tools. We have to keep two things in mind: esthetics and technics. Esthetical: the wanted view, influence of the shape and use of space. Technical: namely, which load is the tile exposed to? 

The core goal is choosing the technical correct tile answering the esthetic demands within a specific budget.

Ceramic flags, natural stone flags, concrete flags, concrete paves and clay paves are part of the gamma of building materials Vinckier.

Ordering tiles

Keep in mind that:

  • even in a lot of first class tiles, there could be some tiles with some faults. (The norms allow 5 % faults in a first class lot.)
  • you will always have a loss of cutting. According to the pattern and space you have to tile; you will have a higher or smaller loss.
  • you keep some boxes of tiles as a reserve after tiling. In case you have to fix something later on or you have to place some more.

It is recommended to order 5% to 10% extra flags than you strictly need for tiling a space.

You can visit our showroom, where our experts can advise you concerning :

  • Clay clinkers
  • Concrete clinkers
  • Concrete tiles